Position/Vision Statement

Posted by Dan on September 24, 2011

Introduction to Working Wild Olympics Position/Vision Statement 
The public revealing of Wild Olympics Campaign’s proposal for new Wilderness Areas; Wild and Scenic River designations on the Olympic National Forest and additions of state and private lands to the Olympic National Park has opened up dialogue on the direction and management of federal lands on the Olympic Peninsula.  As one of the Peninsula groups actively addressing the WOC proposal, the WWOC offers to the general public and jurisdictional agencies of the Olympic Peninsula the following document: WORKING WILD OLYMPICS COALITION POSITION STATEMENT AND VISION.
The vision reflects important forest management and congressional actions that need to be addressed to implement actions to preserve and sustain some of the economic and recreational attributes of the Olympic National Forest.  This vision is neither all-inclusive nor exclusive of other proposals reflecting federal land management on the Peninsula.  It is a recommendation that needs to be injected into the discussions currently taking place regarding the Wild Olympics Campaign proposal.
WWOC Steering Committee31 August 2011

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Join Us At Expo

Posted by Dan on May 19, 2011


We have found 3rd party insurance (required by GH Co. Fair) and WILL be there – this Sat. 10 – 8pm & Sun. 10 – 6pm.
Volunteers are needed to help at booth. There will be at least 1 vol. with full knowledge of the issues there at all times. We will have our Maps/Info – Petitions/Sign-up to oppose wild oly – T-shirts and Yard Signs to take orders on (can’t sell there, cuz of ins. issues) – and we have a NEW ITEM to give away to each attendee, that was donated to us, to help support our cause – STOP WILD OLYMPICS!
I have help for Sat. am and parts of Sun. Need help. All help Greatly Appreciated. Thanks Dan 


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Aberdeen Mayor Says YES

Posted by Dan on May 17, 2011


After I called in on radio yest. to report on Quinault mtg. SUCCESS and emphasize these guys won’t bring their coalition to the table and if any Mayor, city council person or community leader could get these guys to the table. 


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First Lie, Then Deny

Posted by Dan on May 17, 2011

With 150+ citizens listening, GH Co. Comm. Herb Welch’s and Rep. Brian Blake’s statements OPPOSING wild oly were HUGE hits along with Aber. City Councilwomen’s Kathi Hoder’s emotional story of opposition, Forks Mayor Byron Monohon and City Attorney Rod Fleck’s pointed 17 pages of CONCERNS and repeated jabs at Sara (who was there) and Norm, Lk. Quinault School Super. Rich Dubois’s decimating portrayal of how “wildness” has sent the local area in a downward spiral, the economy, jobs , schools, the future. 

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Hoquiam Meeting and Aberdeen Resolution

Posted by Dan on April 10, 2011

Bill Pickell tells us:

On Monday the 11th at 7 pm we are invited by the Mayor to give the counter proposal to the Wild Olympics who will precede us at the council meeting.    Sara Krum from Dicks office along with her cohorts will give the presentation, and they’ve already told them that they don’t want the council to make a decision until a bill is drafted.  We must convince the council to say NO to this proposal now so Dicks knows there is opposition.  It would be nice if we had some of the Lake Quinault folks there as well as any others you can think off for support.  Harold and I will be there for sure.

The Aberdeen Resolution is attached
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Letter to The Editor

Posted by Dan on April 10, 2011

If a tree falls in the woods--and a trail is there--does it make a sound? It depends on whether it's a trail the enviros want to use or we want to use. After the December 2007 storm the nature loop trails on the Lake Quinault South Shore road were covered in miles of blown-down trees as was 1-1/2 miles of the Colonel Bob Wilderness trail. The nature loop trails were cut out with chainsaws in two months. The Colonel Bob Wilderness trail is still impassible at 3-1/2 years and counting.

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Website Traffic Report

Posted by Dan on March 24, 2011

Our website www.workingwildolympics.com is getting individual, 350+ to 435 on Tues., computer hits every day. These are not repeat ones, but separate IP’s.  The .com is the best one to get directly to our site, the .org will bring up theirs on some search engines due to the similarity and theirs has been up longer and had more hits.

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Aberdeen City Council

Posted by Dan on March 24, 2011

I went before the Aberdeen City Council last night asking them to form a resolution to oppose the wild oly “con-pain”, it went really well. A resolution is being drafted and will be brought back to the council on  Wed. APRIL 13TH, for public comment and a vote by the council. We need to have people there in support of this resolution!! This will also be wild oly’s chance to make their case. We are working to do the same for all other cities and esp. the County Commissioners whose land they represent is most directly effected by the Wilderness and Wild & Scenic designations in the W. Fork Humptulips Thinning and should be in the E. Fork as well. Currently the FS is to afraid of the enviros to try a project proposal, I am pushing this one hard with enviros, IF you really truly care about the enviroment and want Desired Future Conditions(DFC) then you have to support thinning in the E.Fork. 

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Tharinger and Van De Wege Visit

Posted by Dan on March 22, 2011

OLYMPIA – On the heels of town hall meetings in Clallam and Jefferson Counties, state Representatives Steve Tharinger (D – Dungeness) and Kevin Van De Wege (D – Sequim) are coming to Grays Harbor to meet with constituents.

The two legislators are planning to host a town hall-style meeting on Tuesday, March 29, at Beacon Elementary School in Montesano.  The event begins at 6:00 p.m. and is open to the public.

Tharinger, who is the district’s newest representative, says most people can’t make the trip to Olympia to meet with their state legislators, so it makes more sense for legislators to go to them.

“Part of being a state representative is being accessible,” Tharinger said.  “People need to be able to ask us questions directly, and know that we are listening to them.”

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Public Meeting Recap

Posted by Dan on March 22, 2011

Our Working Wild Olympic PUBLIC mtg. went fantastic. Everyone was engaged and passionate, except enviros who were getting deservingly kicked on their butts. They took their 5 min. opportunity and wasted it on warm and fuzzy. There was multiple video taping going on , including North Coast TV, so video will be posted on our site soon. Great Night Everyone!!!   
KXRO 1320am, probably streamed live too, has invited us to do Radio piece today. Enviros I wanted 1st are on 9-9:30am, then I will be 9:30-10am.

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EXPO Recap

Posted by Dan on March 20, 2011

The EXPO went fantastic, several hundred concerned citizens signed petition to oppose wildoly “con-pain” and are going to be at Mtg. Mon. nite, 21st at AHS . Doors open at 6.
T-shirts with the universal “O/” NO to wildoly on front and “keep lands working and open to all the public” on the back are now available, in all sizes, for $15- proceeds go to help pay for website expenses. There is a “More” creative version available for the Quinault area folks – Thank you to Kellie and Corey for these creative ideas to get the word out.
Todays Daily World, top story, is on the wildoly and our Working Wild Olympics Coalitions positions to STOP this completely wrong agenda. It was a MAJOR up-hill battle to get the article to this point-Steven bought their con; hook, line and sinker. Had to argue with him, vehemently and ask him to shut-up so I could have a chance to make my points. 

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Heating Things Up

Posted by Dan on March 19, 2011

After Enviro Jon was before the Chamber for 2 1/2 hrs on Wed. and was shot down on all his reasons for why this campaign was necessary, he was offered a “pause” to bring his coalition to the table and have an open and transparent dialogue with our concerns, he blew that off at his Daily World interview a few hrs. later. We have been interviewed and sounds like article will be out Sunday. It was an uphill battle to convince Steven that what the “con-pain” told him wasn’t true. I‘m not sure what we are going to get, he did call me back later that eve. and told me I was right on one major point- that others on the peninsula,up north, are opposed to this. He found that the Port Angelos Port Commissioners took unanimous vote to oppose wild oly. in June 2010.

The comments I’m getting from friends up north is that these guys came home with their tales between their legs. And now they are scrambling, to try and save some portions of this “con-pain”. Best time to hit-em is while there down. I have offered them 5 min. to present there half-truths at this Monday 21st. mtg. AHS Commons, 6:30- 8:30pm, Doorsopen at 6, it is even easier for me to show how wrong they are, we’ll see if they show-up now. This is our Big chance to show the rest of the public how much this really means to all of us . The major portion of the night will be open public Q & A, comments will be written on flip sheets. Bring your?????
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Cushman in The Fold

Posted by Dan on March 16, 2011

Chuck Cushman of the American Lands Right Assn., who has successfully beat back the Wild & Scenic in Olympics every time, wants to get involved and help our fight. He is going to come to town for a pre-battle mtg. this Sun. 20th at the Bee Hive mtg. room in Monte. at 6:00. His knowledge would be beneficial to anyone with land use issues. He will stay in town for our Mon 21st mtg at AHS 6-8:30 as a presntr. and then wants to do a follow- up on Tues. over dinner, esp. since I am leaving on the 26th for a month. He wants to be sure those that need to carry the ball are ready and established. He has a HUGE list of contacts to get our cause out to.

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What IS "is"

Posted by Dan on March 15, 2011

IN the original 86,000 acre land-grab total!!   Jon admitted that all the Alt. B’s of the Olympic Nat. Park’s 2008 Management Plan were the original maps for 86,000 acre addition to park. Just last week he told me, when I discovered these maps and brought it to his attention, that the map of Queets Plan B – the one they ARE using- “Is not fair to compare to Quinault Plan B, “”we”” wouldn’t propose something like that”. The “”we”” was him and Ben, “it was the others in his groups that did” he said.  Your fears are REAL.
I’m not sure what is-is.      Dan

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Norm Dick's Staff Says

Posted by Dan on March 15, 2011

  Enviro Jon Owen just called and complimented me(us) on a great battle strategy, wished I(we) were on his side. He said the pre-emptive strikes a in Aber. and Quinault were great strategy. I said see what happens when you are not open and transparent. They are planning “now” to have an Aber. meeting on April 7th. and still meet with Keith. We went really deep into the Park Preserve issue and he finally had to play his cards-a pair of “ducks” and admit he knew all about the WAC that requires an FPA-4  the most costly to landowner. His legal beagles, believe “ If you don’t put a line around the land-grab, then it doesn’t meet the WAC.” So they “put a dotted or dashed-line around the land-thus it doesn’t fall under WAC”  I couldn’t keep from LOL, but said that’s your interp. I’ll go with the states opinion. He said “this is brand new to Wa. and we crafted it just so it would work”. Then he “said if I had a philosophical problem with land going into the park, that was another issue.” I said  BIG ONE. And we went on and on. He is going to be here for a meeting that I and Al have been asked to speak at tomorrow. Dan
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