In order to stop this land-grab attempt of 210,000 acres of Olympic Peninsula working land, we have formed the “Workingwildolympics” Coalition. We oppose this well organized - years in the planning attempt - that would expand Olympic Nat. Park  by an additional 37,000 acres, create 28 New Wilderness areas and designate 24 rivers Wild and Scenic. The original grab was going to be 300,000 acres, it’s “improved”. Over 18,000 acres of productive, working  DNR Trust lands, that generate renewable funding for schools, libraries, prisons, counties and a dozen other trusts along with nearly 20,000 acres of working private forestlands will be locked-up and taken off the tax rolls, no longer generating jobs and continuing to work for the local economy. Costing taxpayers to pay again and again for the loss of working lands and revenues.        



I oppose the Wildolympics Campaign, and wish to keep working lands open for all to enjoy.

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I hope that there is not any doubt about where I stand on this issue. It is called "Wild Olympics!"  Well guess what. The Olympics are and have been wild for longer than the proponents have been dirtying there underwear. Imagine if someone came to my door and said "move out and give me all of your money and your house but give me your input on that”. So after many meetings where that person told me over and over how great it would be, we finally settled on - I get to keep most of my house and some of my money. WHO WINS??? It sure is not me!!! I can not see negotiating about something where no matter how small I have to acquiesce. They win and I lose. They get more than they had before and we have less that we had before. That is what their negotiations are all about. Another vital part is that supposedly the Federal and State cannot keep up the land it now controls. It would be an act of insanity to give more power and control to an entity so obviously out of control. The government may have good intentions but we have seen the results of not thinking about unforeseen consequences for a long time. There is NOTHING about this proposal to negotiate about.

— GH County Commissioner Herb Welch