Is This Wild?

This photo was just taken last Thursday on Forest Service land in the Quinault area. This is the “Public Access” that this wild olympic “con-pain” is promoting as one of the reasons this unjustified land-grab is needed. For over 15 years now, the Forest Service across all of Wa. state has been methodically decommissioning(destroying) public access roads at the bequest of these enviros. Yet, now in their warm and fuzzy justification for the “need” to con-pain for wilding the Olympics, they promote this will provide more public access - to what?  A road that is so deliberately piled with the 30+ year old trees, that grew in the road during the years after the previous renewable harvest, that nothing can access.. This road segment was, prior to this action, travelable by both humans and wildlife and provided forage to eat for animals – but is now both impassable, length-wise and cross-wise and now unusable for food. This Is Wild? And Crazy!  This “was” the entrance for a 5 mile segment of road. Now completely unusable for All.  This form of decommissioning is being challenged.
Photo taken by Harold Brunstad, during a meeting at this site, with FS Quinault District Ranger Dean Millett.

Wild What?

WILDOLYMPICS - the name brings out all kinds of feelings and emotions. The allure of all things wild and natural or the scariness of some unknown creature lurking in the shadows of  the deep, dark forest.The unknown adds it's own heightened awareness to what might be about to happen next. It's the unknown that can be scary - it's what you don't know that can hurt you.The groups leading this Wildolympics Campaign, that will effect  210,000 acres of land, creating 37,000 acres of more Nat. Park land, 28 New Wilderness areas and designating 24 rivers Wild and Scenic needs to be open and transparent, rather than the big, bad wolf lurking in the shadows - waiting to prey on its innocent victims.

Having just learned recently of this, several years in the making, well - organized effort to change the Olympic Peninsula, I met last Wed. March 3rd with some of the leaders, one from the Pew Trust, one from the Sierra Club and local supporter, now paid by the Pew Trust, Al Carter. We had a very engaged and informative 2 1/2 hour meeting, where lots of ideas and info were exchanged.I currently oppose this wildolympics effort as proposed.

I urged these guys to get all the information out to ALL of the public so they can make informed decisions. The changes I suggested only speak for myself, not anyone else. You all need to be able to have a voice in this too. Take a look at their website for "some"(it's missing some key info) on your confuser if you have one or hopefully they will come out of the shadows and truly be open to the public.

This is YOUR land!  Your future use of YOUR land! Be involved.

Dan Boeholt