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Over the last few decades more and then more area has been absorbed into the ONP. With this, less access has been made available to the residents of the area and to visitors. The coast, Lake Ozette, North Shore of Lake Quinault, and other lands of the Olympic Peninsula have become less available for recreation and visitation. Campgrounds have disappeared, trails have closed, and roads have grown impassible. Access is not open to the general public to use without a permit or a bundle of restrictions. Look to the map and marvel at the lack of private land and the abudance of Federal Lands. Then ask "when will this fiasco end." My grandmother rowed across Lake Ozette to attend school when there were many settlers there; now only a handful of vacation cabins and park personnel are seen. The third largest lake in Washington State and the coast strip north Moclips are restricted in their use. ONP and Indian reservations inhabit what was once freely open to all comers.

— Carla Carlyle



Doug McDowell Interviewed Al Carter, Paid Sponsor of the WildOlympics effort and John Owen with wildolympics on KBKW March 11th.
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Dan Boeholt, Brian Blake and Keith Olson interviewed on May 11th.

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