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Dan Boeholt 
Spokesman, Working Wild Olympics Coalition


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Closing these lands or giving this propety to the park is just one more way of taking food off our tables and putting more people/families out of work. How many more unemployed people would they like to see? It seems like they only want what benefits them. Does OUR President, Senators and Representatives even care what this will do to the working class. Will the homeless numbers go up with the unemployment numbers. For what they are offing to "buy" our land you CAN NOT buy a home and property without borrowing more money. And if we end up unemployed because our job just disappeared, who is going to loan us the money to buy another home.

— Selena O'Neil



Doug McDowell Interviewed Al Carter, Paid Sponsor of the WildOlympics effort and John Owen with wildolympics on KBKW March 11th.
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Dan Boeholt, Brian Blake and Keith Olson interviewed on May 11th.

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